Analytic Strategy Partners

Analytic Strategy Partners

Improve your analytic operations and refine your analytic strategy


Work with one of the pioneers in analytics to develop your analytic strategy.

Analytic Strategy Partners (ASP) helps companies develop analytic strategies, improve their analytic operations, and evaluate potential analytic acquisitions and opportunities.    ASP specializes in helping companies achieve value from analytics by selecting the right analytic opportunity at the right time, providing advice on moving analytics into operations, providing guidance on analytic governance, and explaining the trade-offs of different organizational structures for analytics.  ASP brings extensive experience and professionalism to every project, uses best practices when available, and is able to develop new approaches when needed.

Our founder is one of the pioneers in analytics and has over 25 years of experience in the industry.

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Areas of Practice

Analytic Strategy

Analytic strategy is about analyzing analytic opportunities, deciding which analytic opportunities to pursue, ensuring that your efforts are most likely to result in value to the organization, and measuring the value produced.  ASP helps companies develop and evaluate their analytic strategy.

Litigation Support

ASP can provide an experienced expert witness for litigation support in cases involving analytics, data science, AI, data intensive computing and related areas.   

Analytic Operations

Building a good analytic model is only the beginning.  It is usually more of a challenge to deploy the analytic model in a company's products, services and internal operations. ASP helps companies improve their analytic operations.

Analytic Governance

Analytic governance is about establishing and operating the appropriate committees and processes so that a company can select and purse the appropriate analytic opportunities, build the required analytic models, deploy the analytic models into a company's products, services and operations, and operate the required analytic infrastructure to support these activities. 

Valuation of Analytic Opportunities

Often the quickest way to improve a company's analytic capabilities is to acquire a company that has experienced data scientists or specialized analytic capabilities.  ASP helps companies evaluate analytic acquisitions, including the associated fit, determining a fair market value, and the challenge of integration.

Monetizing Analytic Assets

It is one thing to build and deploy analytic models and quite another to create analytic assets that grow in value over time.  ASP helps companies develop strategies to build analytic assets and to monetize them.  


Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.
— J.W.Tukey, The future of data analysis, Annals of Mathematical Statistics, Vol. 33(1), pages 1–67, 1962.


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