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Improving Your Analytic Operations


I gave a talk on analytic operations at The Data Science Conference (TDSC) that took place on September 20-21, 2018 in Chicago.

One of the topics that I covered was the Develop, Deploy and Extract (DDE) Framework for analytic operations. This is a framework that covers the life cycle of an analytic model that spans the development of the model by data scientists, the deployment of the model into an organizations products, services or internal operations by data engineers, and the quantification and management of the value created by the model by the product owners.

Title: What are Analytic Operations and How Can You Improve Them?

Abstract: There is a lot of information available about best practices so data scientists can build analytic models, but much less about how analytic models can best be integrated into a company's products, services or operations, which we call analytic operations.  We describe four frameworks so that a company or organization can improve its analytic operations and explain the frameworks using case studies.

Event: The Data Science Conference, Chicago, September 20, 2018.