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Talk on Analytic Strategy at The Data Science Conference


I gave a talk at The Data Science Conference (TDSC) on analytic strategy on May 4, 2018.

One of the topics that I covered was the Collect-Transform-Monetize-Protect (CTMP) framework that focuses on collecting or acquiring the right data, transforming or modeling the data as required, and then extracting value using business models that provide scalable ways for monetizing the data. When possible, barriers should be put in place to make it challenging for potential competitors.

Title: What is an Analytic Strategy and Why Is It So Hard for Most Companies to Execute One?

Abstract: We give a framework so that a company or organization can more easily develop an analytic strategy and some prerequisites that make it more likely that the strategy will succeed. We discuss three cases studies and some practical ways to get started with developing an analytic strategy.

Event: The Data Science Conference (TDSC), May 4, 2018, Chicago.